Finding Strength through Fitness

This morning I had to be prepared to do something really hard. Something that I never imagined I would ever have to do. I can’t talk about it quite yet, but what I can talk about is what I did this morning to help me mentally prepare. I (attempted) to get up this morning before the kids and took 30 minutes to workout. My 25 minute Tabata workout may have been interrupted 10 times, but somehow it still reminded me that I’m stronger than I think.   

For the past 7 years, my life has felt like one constant roller coaster. Beginning with giving birth to a 3lb baby, to shortly after losing my dad, followed by years of marriage problems, abuse, multiple separations, another 3 lb baby, ending up in the ICU after giving birth, and now divorce. The only thing that has stayed somewhat consistent in my life through it all has been my fitness journey. It has been by no means perfect. There have been weeks, sometimes more I’ve gone without working out, but for the most part I’ve chosen to prioritize my physical and mental health. The reason why? It keeps me sane. It helps me find inner strength when every other aspect in my life seems to be spiraling out of control. It makes me a better version of myself, which makes me a better mom. 

I’ve loved helping other moms on their wellness journey. I had a coaching biz for three years and it brought me so much joy. I miss it. I feel the need to help other moms realize that it’s ok to take time to focus on themselves. It’s so hard being a mom when you’re constantly taking care of everyone else to find time for YOU. Your mental and physical health are so important. You are most likely the rock of your family, and a happy healthy mom is a happier team. 

There came a time in my life a couple of years ago when I no longer felt like I could be an inspiration for other moms. I was spending so much time focusing on trying to fix my marriage, helping my spouse, that without even realizing it, I began to lose myself along the way. Looking back, I realize I gave up going after some major life goals to focus on someone else. And now it’s time to change all that. I’m not sure where a fitness business fits into my new journey yet. What I do know is that wellness and helping others is something I’m extremely passionate about. 

So for now, you’ll find me committing to pressing play 30 minutes a day, 4-6 days a week.  Sometimes it will be with kids crawling all over me, or fighting in the background, in my current home gym..aka, my moms office/guest room. 

And I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my plans.


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